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Jaco Beach Activities

A trip to Costa Rica means flying through the jungle canopy, running through the rapids of the rainforest river, resting on the beach, or seeing monkeys, toucans and lazy ones. All these activities are appreciated closely and personally, in their natural element. Whether it’s a lounge lizard that loves sunbathing or an adrenaline rush with a healthy appreciation of wildlife…

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Los Suenos Fishing Charters and Much More

  Los Suenos resort is at the top of the Costa Rica big-game fishing experience and has long been known as one top sportfishing destinations on the planet. Los Suenos fishing charters offer the opportunity to hook into one of the three tops of the food chain big game fish; the blue marlin, black marlin and striped marlin. Further as…

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Booking a Los Suenos Maverick Fishing Charter

  It’s pretty much a lock that if professional anglers or leisure sport fishermen are talking Costa Rica fishing, you can bet that that the topic involves Los Suenos Resort and Marina. Whether you are staying at one of the Los Suenos vacation rentals or just visiting the marina for a day deep sea fishing it will be obvious from…

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Why Maverick Sportfishing Boats

  Considered one of the best sport fishing vessels in the world the Costa Rican made Maverick is a dream machine for the captains and their deep sea fishing clientele. But what makes these boats so special and sought after? Maverick 43’ sport fishing boat is a machine with clean lines that make it look fast just sitting in the…

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Best Place to go Fishing in Costa Rica

  Where is the Best Place to Fishing in Costa Rica? This is a great question we here at GoFish Costa Rica get asked often.If you are an angler and have checked out Youtube videos on sportfishing in Costa Rica you will probably have made a new ‘bucket list’. No matter if you are watching a video giant tarpon crushing…

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Best Time for Deep Sea Charter Fishing at Los Sueños Resort in Costa Rica

  Charter Fishing at Los Sueños – Anytime professional and leisure sport fishermen trade stories of Costa Rica fishing trips, the launch point most discussed is Los Sueños Resort and Marina. In the early 90’s the Los Sueños Resort and Marina started to be developed in Playa Herradura (Horseshoe Beach/Bay) that combined the best in residential and vacation homes, along…

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For the Best Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica

  Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica – Costa Rica fishing has something to offer any angler whether beginner or professional. The Central Pacific has a large gambit of big game fish. One of main species of fish many people fish for Yellowfin Tuna. This article will provide you with the top tips you need to know about Yellowfin Tuna fishing…

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Deep Sea Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

  The King of big game sportfishing species, the most prized, lure and fly crushing, hardest hitting predator game fish is the Blue Marlin. As the number one sought after trophy fish in the deep, hooking into one powerhouse predators will guarantee a memory and story to last a lifetime. For the best Marlin fishing in Costa Rica, your absolute…

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